ABI2110 – ABIOSH Certificate in Spill Response and Management ©

The certificate in Spill Response and Management is a theoretical and hands on onsite practical course that give an awareness of the requirements for organisations to identify potential spillage situations and deal with them effectively by the practical application of spill response procedures, to enable the effective response and reduce on site and off site damage.

The course also involves spill management procedures, that equips operating personnel to enable to implement measures to reduce the potential for a spill event to occur and for them to respond promptly to contain, and counteract the discharge in a safe, practical, and systematic manner so that the adverse impact on environment due to oil, chemical etc handling can be minimised 




  • Terminal/Base Managers,
  • Supervisors
  • Spill Response Teams
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Fire TeamS
  • Anyone with health, safety and environmental responsibilities. 



  • Relevant health, safety and environmental legislation (e.g. NOSDRA)
  • The role of monitoring and regulatory bodies
  • Structure and implementation of a contingency plan
  • Types of spillages
  • Types of spill kit and response materials
  • Identifications and control of source pathway and receptors
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Identification of local spill response procedures
  • Risk and Site Assessment Techniques
  • Notification and Documentation Procedures