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“International Occupational Technical Health & Safety Qualifications”


“International Occupational Technical Health & Safety Qualifications”

What we offer

ABIOSH Awarding Body of International Occupational Safety and Health provides Qualifications for those working in the industry.

ABIOSH provides an opportunity for those working in industry or looking to gain Continuous Professional Development qualifications in Health & Safety to study in any part of the world and gain accreditation to match relevant legislation requirements.

We specialise in writing bespoke courses, to provide quality provision in the changing world.

All our highly experienced staff are qualified and set a very high standard.

We write quality course material that other providers can deliver. We assess those qualifications and provide certifications.

For those working in the global Health and Safety industry ABIOSH is a must have qualification.


International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management ©

The International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management © has been developed to provide a qualification based on standards of Managing Health and Safety in the International world of Health and Safety.

Certificate in Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study and Hazard Identification (HAZID) ©

This is a dual certification course which focuses on Hazard ad Operability (HAZOP) study and Hazard Identification (HAZID) which are known, utilised and documented methods.

International Certificate in Terminal and Jetty Management ©

The content of this qualification introduces the Marine Terminal Management and Self-Assessment (MTMS) process which has been developed using the OCIMF as a standardised tool for global applications to assist terminal operators in the assessment of the effectiveness of the management systems for both operations and the Management of the Ship/Shore interface.

International Technical Certificate in Jetty and Terminal Operational Safety ©

Safety in all types of operations is the key factor in ensuring that a company always maintains its position both efficiently and ethically. It is critical to the well-being and reputation of the tanker and terminal industry.

International Oil and Gas ©

This qualification is the first of many Oil and Gas awards to be offered by ABIOSH.

Certificate in Process Safety Management (PSMCert) ©

This course introduces the PSM architecture (written programme, roles and responsibilities, implementation including training, record keeping and auditing).

Spill Response and Management ©

A theoretical and hands on onsite practical course that give an awareness of the requirements for organisations to identify potential spillage situations

Incident/Accident Investigation ©

6 (six) days intensive course that prepares those who will be involved in incident and accident investigation team for effective investigative activities

International Diploma in Environmental Sustainability Management©

On completion of these elements the student will be given the technological, practical and conceptual knowledge and understanding of Environment Management.





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