ABI2010 – ABIOSH International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management ©

The ABIOSH International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management has been developed to provide a qualification based on standards of Managing Health and Safety in the International world of Health and Safety.

To manage health and safety is a priority of all Governments in the modern world. Many health and safety practitioners are crossing over many borders to apply Health and Safety standards in various countries. Health and safety standards applied by OSHA, HSWA, European Directives, Work Safe OHSR and Law of the People’s Republic of China Work Safety, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria are some of the standards that are being implemented multi-culturally.

The qualification is designed to award individuals a level of competence to manage health and Safety in the workplace and is a modern one based on the general requirements to manage Health and Safety in the current global climate. Students will need to be able to mentally cross borders of each countries legislation but have the knowledge and management principle to manage Health and Safety standards. With a flexible and diverse workforce that needs to manage health and Safety across the globe this qualification has been structured to provide a truly International award. 

Students will be able to gain a depth of knowledge in health and Safety Legislation, recognise International regulations and apply the standards in various occupations. A flexible and diverse workforce needs to manage Health and Safety across the globe and this qualification has been structured to meet these requirements. 

Part one of this qualification includes Health and Safety management systems. Safety culture, Risk/Hazards the Management of change, Human factors and Accident investigation

Part two is the Management of International Industrial Hazards which covers the elements of fire, electric, noise, manual and chemical hazards.

Part 3 is an evidence-based report that includes research.




Management of International Safety & Health

Part 1   Managing Safety


Principle 1 The World of Occupational Health & Safety                                                                                                                                          


Principle 2 Management of Safety & Health                                    


                         Managing Systems 18001 45001 HSG65

                         Managing Safety Culture

                         Managing Hazards and Risks

                         Managing Change

                         Managing Human Factors and Behavior

                         Managing Accidents and Incidents                                  

                         Managing Safety & Health Performance

Principle 3 InternationalLaw                                                              

Principle 4 Professional Ethics                                                           

Principle 5 Continuous professional development                              

Part two    Common Hazard

Principle 1      The Management of Fire     

Principle 2      Principles of Manual Handling

Principle 3      Working at Height               

Principle 4      Work Equipment

Principle 5      Electrical

Principle 6      Transport and Logistics      

Principle 7      General Occupational Health                                   

Throughout the course students are allowed access to the internet

In part two students will be asked to describe their knowledge and understanding of the legislation and necessary control of hazard in the work place they will be allowed to select three elements from part two and describe the control measure necessary with a two-hour time scale for all three subjects. The description should include the current legislation and the methods of control for each selected element For example there are several standards available for Electricity and Personnel Protective Clothing, Permit to work systems and confined space 

Providers will also be allowed to select assessment by Examination or e portfolio

Part 3 

Students will submit a evidenced based report that includes research and contain at least 1000 words. It will be based on a practical assessment and include research it must be work related Once the project is complete it must be forward to ABIOSH within 14 days of the last exam declaration. This practical must include a cover sheet stating that it is the students own work and signed by the instructor

Possible causes of workplace fatalities, serious harm and work-related disease

Additional assessment Part 3 Students will undertake a research project on a recent Safety & Health issue


 Together with the normal type questions

Identify and analyse the structure of developed under Health and Safe PAnalysis and methodology in developed standards

  1. Assess the importance of compliance within Health and Safety functions ?
  2. What impact does compliance have within the Safety and Health function?
  3. Does perfect compliance equate to an exceptional safety program WHY OR WHY NOT
  4. Analyse and assess the concept of value-based leadership
  5. Assess the principles of value-based leadership
  6. What are the leadership qualities and principles within Health and Safety function?
  7. What are the benefits of empowering employees in Health and Safety
  8. Methodologies through which empowerment of employees in Health and Safety
  9. What is the impact of hiring contractors on the Health and Safety process
  10. What is the impact of disciplinary action on employees
  11. How do accidents happen
  12. What is the component aspects of worker compensation schemes
  13. What is your understanding of the need to keep records and report accidents and incidents
  14. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Worker Compensation schemes
  15. What is a recordable injury or illness
  16. What is the cost of an accident
  17. What are the benefits to an organisation to comply with Legislation and maintain standards
  18. What methods would energise employees in the workplace within the Health and Safety function