Another successful six months for ABIOSH Several course throughout the Globe including Hungary Nigeria Trinidad and the UK


Parkris Enegy Ltd delivered a ABI 5010 (Hazop and Hazid) ten students attended the course with very successful results 

The comments from the students include

A Smart team with excellent knowledge :imparting on other to make the workplace a safe place to be rather then a hazard ” 

“The course was fantastic wonderful package highly recommended Thank You ”   

“I can now classify and identify hazards effectively “

The course is a must to do for all organisations who’s see safety as a priority



  Another Oil & gas course for Marsack  in Hungary  at the head quarters of MOL Oil Plc 

The course was delivered at MOL in Budapest  A number of students attended that included several Health and Safety experts 

The comments from the students included

 “A very supportive approach during training ” 

“A great opportunity to learn from the best ” 

” A very structured worth while course ”